Safely integrating commercial drones in to the national airspace

The Drones Middle East Conference supported by the General Civil Aviation Authority is the only conference in the region that focuses on the commercial use of drones and provides an in depth understanding about the regulatory and approval process for drone operations.

In its 2nd edition, the conference will focus on the drone technologies available, how operators can ensure safe operations given the climatic conditions of the Middle East and provide case study examples of different applications including data collection, inspection, surveillance and asset tracking.

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What’s new for the September edition?

Drones registration process

Apart from updating you about the recent regulations on drones use, this event will also provide you with an in depth understanding of GCAA’s registration process. Regulators and stakeholders involved in the approval process will provide you with a step by step approach on applying for drone license and answer any questions on the approval process

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International Speakers

The 2nd Drones Middle East Conference will showcase success stories about how international companies are working with their local regulatory authorities to implement drones in their day to day operations. Our speakers have been using drones over a couple of years and will share their strategy, processes and lessons learnt with the audience

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More case study presentations

This time speakers at the drones conference will share first hand examples of how they have used drones in various industries such as oil and gas, construction, emergency services, humanitarian activities, journalism and many more. If you are not currently using drones, this is your chance to come and witness the potential of this technology in your job role

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Executive board-room

Many companies in the GCC region are currently evaluating drone technologies or services providers that can help with inspection, surveillance, monitoring, 3D modelling and asset tracking. Just like any pitch to a host of ‘investors’ – drones technology, service or component providers will have 10 minutes to convince the team of executives that their technology or service is the best. To learn how you can be a participant in this session, contact Leslie Daniel at sponsorship@iqpc.ae before spots fill up.

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Who should attend?

The 2nd Drones Middle East Conference is developed with the help and expertise of some of the most innovative and forward thinking individuals who have been using UAVs for various corporate projects. This event will bring together individuals from various commercial communities to learn about how they can work with the local regulators to implement drones for their operations and use this technology to cut costs,save time, improve safety of employees and save lives. If you belong to any of the below mentioned industries then you should not miss out on the opportunity to attend this event and learn how you can benefit from UAVs:


Emergency Services: Police, Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Fire and Safety, Rescue Teams, Ambulatory Services


Energy Sector: Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Mining


Transportation: Roads and Transportation Authorities, Railways, Civil Infrastructure


Government Organizations: Ministries, Public Authorities, Healthcare Authorities


Aviation and Aviation Regulatory Bodies: Airlines, Airports, Air Navigation Services, Civil Aviation Authorities


Construction: Developers & Builders, Construction Companies, Architectural firms, Urban Planners, Building Inspection


Research & Development: Universities,Drone Labs and Researchers


Suppliers: Drone manufacturers,insurance providers, UAV service providers, Training institutes and UAV parts suppliers


Others: Environment Agencies and Food and Agriculture Companies

How will you benefit by attending the event?


Learn about the new developments in the regulations and the registration process for attaining drone license


Hear about how you can improve data collection process by using drones to reach inaccessible areas and understand how using drones can be better than traditional data collection methods


Learn about how prime industries in the GCC like the oil and gas, power and utilities and construction can benefit by lower costs and improved safety when using drones


Network with solution providers at the exhibition to understand capabilities and limitations of drone technologies and discuss the upcoming innovations in this field to help you choose the best machine for your operations


Hear first hand case studies on the various applications of drones and how you can use them for improved operational processes to enhance your organizational capabilities, safety, efficiency and eventually save money


Understand how you can customize drones for your operations and ensure they withstand the tough climatic conditions to operate in the GCC region


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